The Michigan Bridge Connection


Club Newsletter for Summer, 2017 is now available in the club and on-line at:

BRIDGE CONNECTION           SCHEDULE                  

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ACBL Membership Games: 9/25e, 9/26a 11/1a, 11/1e, 11/17e, 11/24a, 11/26e.  Higher masterpoints (82% sectional rating); ALL players on a team/partnership must be an ACBL member to earn masterpoints. Friday evening 11/17 is a Swiss Team game.
Club Championships: Mon. 9/18 - Sun. 9/24 (ex. 9/20e and 9/21a) and Wed. eve. 9/27 and Th. aft. 9/28).
Rosh Hashanah: Closed Wed. evening 9/20; open Thurs. 9/21.
Yom Kippur: Closed Friday evening 9/29; open Sat. 9/30 for open game - closed for Novice lecture & game.
Club Appreciation Week:  All games Mon. 10/2 - Sun. 10/8.  Higher masterpoints (82% sectional rating).
Motor City Regional: Closed for all games Mon. 10/9 thru Sun. 10/15.
Annual Jack Shartsis Individual Game:  Sunday October 22, 6pm.  Dinner will be served at 5pm; no need to get a partner - it's an individual tourney!!  Entry fee only $5. Now taking reservations (required).
ACBL-wide Instant Matchpoint Game - Wed. Aft. Oct. 25.
ACBL-wide International Fund Game - Wed. Eve., Dec. 20.














Games for Newer Players



1- Wednesdays (0-499 mps): Lecture at 11am; game immediately afterwards.

2 - Thursdays (0-99 and 0-499 mps): games at 11am; lecture at 10:30.

Tuesdays @ 9am (Barometer Pairs: 0-199mps) 
Wednesdays @ 6:30pm (Barometer Pairs: 0-199mps)
Saturdays @10am (Lesson at 9:30; 0-100 mps)